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Voice recognition
Taking pictures 
Recording videos
Sharing is quick and easy
Battery Life

The glasses make you look like a glasshole
Randomly shuts off even when I went into the settings to turn those features off
Umm not enough apps
Couldn’t find a productive use for it.
Feels like a novelty item

Should You Buy It:
Not worth the price. As soon as the product matures it may be worth re-exploring.

It’s still a toy it needs to mature a bit more before it’ll be better.

imageBlowfish FDA Approved Cure For Hangovers

I recently received my package of Blowfish in the mail and decided to put the product to the test. I read about blowfish on-line it recently became an FDA approved drug for Hangovers, this is what caused me to purchase the product. After a night of heavy drinking I had the symptoms of a hangover, upset stomach, headache, and vomiting. The instructions for Blowfish was too dissolve one packet of two tablets in 16oz of water, after it was fully dissolved drink the whole thing. I drank the Blowfish concoction, it definitely tasted way better than Alka Seltzer, the taste I would describe as a light citrus flavor in a glass of light fizzy seltzer water. I believe it was successful in curing my hangover as after a short amount of time my stomach was no longer upset and my headache was practically almost non-existent.

imageOne of the Blowfish Packets

I strongly recommend this product to anyone who does not like having hangovers.